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Marital status of Robert and Mary Lawrence

There is a bit of mystery regarding Robert and Mary's marital status at the time of Mary's death in 1911.

Mary J. Cash and Robert E. "Old Bob" Lawrence were married 8 May 1861 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Her death certificate uses her maiden name and lists her as divorced. However, there is no other indication in any records I have found that indicates a divorce took place.

The 1910 census records Mary as Robert's wife. Therefore, if there was a divorce, it must have taken place after 14 May 1910 (date of census) and prior to 11 Dec 1911 (Mary's death). Robert died 25 Feb 1915 and his death certificate lists him as a widower, not as divorced.

The Rockcastle County Circuit Clerk's office informs me that divorce records from the early 1900s have been archived in Frankfort, Kentucky. I have inquired with The Kentucky Department For Libraries & Archives and they have been unable to locate any records from Rockcastle County which document a divorce between Mary J. (Cash) Lawrence and Robert E. Lawrence.

Was Robert and Mary's son-in-law, Reuben Cox, really the informant as stated on the certificate? Did the person who filled out the certificate have a misunderstanding of some kind? It's anyone's guess I suppose. Mistakes on death certificates are common, so, until I discover evidence to the contrary I am going to assume that this is a big blunder. 

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